Dr. Julius-Kei Kato

In Aid of the Quest for the Ever-Receding Horizon

One of the most profound descriptions of the Ultimate Mystery that I've encountered in my life is still the theologian Karl Rahner's. Rahner spoke of God as a "gracious mystery." The human spirit, in its relentless pursuit of a greater something that could fulfill its most profound desires, can be described using the image of a quest to reach an ever-receding horizon: humans are continually drawn to search for the ultimate/the divine like one is drawn towards a beautiful horizon. However, one never actually reaches the horizon. This is symbolic of the fact that, on this side of life, humans will never fully comprehend the ultimate/the divine. 

The horizon that draws humans is of course the gracious mystery that Christianity calls “God”: mysterious because God is ultimately unfathomable, yet gracious because it is full of love.

This website is dedicated to the human pursuit of ultimate meaning and the academic study of this pursuit. It has links and materials which have something to do with my different academic fields of interest, namely, Biblical Studies, the academic study of Jesus, Theology, Christianity, Catholicism, Spirituality and Popular Culture, the intersection of Religion and the Postmodern World and other areas.  Welcome to my homepage and I hope you find it useful!