Dr. Julius-Kei Kato


Most Useful Links and Materials

  1. Online Version of the New Revised Standard Version (NRSV) of the Bible (here). This is the official translation that I use in my courses.
  2. Oxford Biblical Studies Online (here). Login through King's/UWO library when on campus.
  3. Bible Odyssey from the Society of Biblical LIterature HERE
  4. Bible Gateway. Multiple Versions of the Bible and some useful tools such as search function.
  5. The Three Worlds of the Text - by David L. Barr. From his book New Testament Story.
  6. Bible Basics (including "the 3 Worlds"). From Timothy Carmody, Reading the Bible (New York: Paulist Press, 2004), pp. 1-23. 
  7. Explanation of the "Three Worlds of the Bible" (HERE). From An Introduction to the Bible: A Journey into Three Worlds (8th Edition) by Christian Hauer and William Young.
  8. Resources on Sacred Scripture from the Spring Hill College Theology website.
  9. The Best Online Bible Tools.From ENTER website.
  10. Basic Bibliography for Biblical Studies. From ENTER website.
  11. Links from the Catholic Biblical Society of America's website
  12. Criteria of Authenticity for Historical Jesus / Gospel Studies. From John Kloppenborg - Univ. of Toronto
  13. Understanding the World of Jesus by Daniel J. Scholz HERE



Some useful links and materials related to the academic study of Jesus, particularly, to Jesus as a historical figure

  1. Historical Jesus Theories - from the Early Christian Writings website
  2. Criteria of Authenticity: from John Kloppenborg via University of Toronto Link HERE / Powell from Jesus as a Figure in History pp. 68-69.
  3. Who is Jesus? By: Ian Elmer . A succinct introduction to the different portrayals of Jesus found in the four canonical gospels.
  4. From Jesus to Christ (PBS). Llink to the PBS website where one can see this excellent presentation of Early Christianity from its origins in the historical Jesus to New Testament times.
  5. A Portrait of Jesus: A website that presents how the Jesus scholar Marcus Borg thinks about the historical Jesus.
  6. Christology (an overview) - from the BELIEVE website