Dr. Julius-Kei Kato

New Testament

Most Useful Links and Materials

  1. Online Version of the New Revised Standard Version (NRSV) of the Bible (here). This is the official translation that I use in my courses.
  2. Oxford Bible Commentary (through King's/UWO library).
  3. Bible Odyssey from the Society of Biblical LIterature HERE
  4. Bible Gateway. Multiple Versions of the Bible and some useful tools such as search function.
  5. The Three Worlds of the Text - by David L. Barr. From his book New Testament Story.
  6. Bible Basics (including "the 3 Worlds"). From Timothy Carmody, Reading the Bible (New York: Paulist Press, 2004), pp. 1-23. 
  7. Explanation of the "Three Worlds of the Bible" (HERE). From An Introduction to the Bible: A Journey into Three Worlds (8th Edition) by Christian Hauer and William Young.
  8. Resources on Sacred Scripture from the Spring Hill College Theology website.
  9. The Best Online Bible Tools.From ENTER website.
  10. Basic Bibliography for Biblical Studies. From ENTER website.
  11. Links from the Catholic Biblical Society of America's website
  12. Criteria of Authenticity for Historical Jesus / Gospel Studies. From John Kloppenborg - Univ. of Toronto
  13. Understanding the World of Jesus by Daniel J. Scholz HERE
  14. A Dictionary of the Bible (through King's/UWO library)
  15. Oxford Encyclopedia of the Bible (through King's/UWO library)
  16. Oxford Companion to the Bible (through King's/UWO library)
  17. Oxford Bible Atlas (through King's/UWO library)


Specifically for the New Testament

  1. ENTER (Electronic New Testament Educational Resources) by Felix Just, SJ. A highly recommended website with lots of useful materials for the study of the New Testament and the whole Bible in fact.
  2. New Testament Gateway. by Mark Goodacre
  3. The Five Gospels Parallels from the Univ. of Toronto
  4. Overview of the New Testament by Peregrinus (from Catholica). Read Parts V to VI
  5. Second Temple Judaism: A Brief Historical Outline
  6. Review of the OLD TESTAMENT (This is for those who have not taken RS2201 Old Testament)