Dr. Julius-Kei Kato

Old Testament / Hebrew Bible

Specifically for the Old Testament / Hebrew Bible 

  1. The Old Testament Plot "for Dummies": A summary of the general plot of the Old Testament in order to understand the New Testament Better (by Julius-Kei Kato)
  2. Overview of the Old Testament/Hebrew Scriptures by Peregrinus (from Catholica). Read Parts I to IV
  3. A helpful very succinct table of main periods in the history of ancient Israel (here). From: Christopher Gilbert, A Complete Introduction to the Bible (New York: Paulist Press, 2009), pp. 12-13.
  4. Brief Survey of the Total Picture of the Old Testament (See in particular pp. 9-13 HERE). Recommended for those who would like to have a general idea of the content of the Old Testament / Hebrew Bible. From: Lawrence Boadt, Reading the Old Testament (Second Edition) (New York: Paulist Press, 2012), pp. 1-14.
  5. Second Temple Judaism: A Brife Historical Outline: by Bruce N. Frisk. This is historical outline of the most important dates and events of Second Temple Judaism.
  6. Israel - A good summary of the history of ancient Israel by the historian Diarmaid MacCulloch