Dr. Julius-Kei Kato


Useful links and materials for the following areas:

Early Christianity / also useful for RS3180 'Censored Scriptures'

  1. Internet Christian Library-Early Church Documents
  2. Early Christian Writings
  3. Fordham Internet Resources on Early Christianity
  4. Gnostic Society Library
  5. North American Patristics Society
  6. The "Invention of Christianity" from Catholica (Australia)
  7. The Ecole Initiative
  8. The History of Christianity: 99 Essential Resources


History of Christianity / Catholicism (Useful for RS2218 Intro to Christianity)

  1. An Overview of Christian History - from the ENTER website of Felix Just
  2. Christianity - from Hans Kung's Global Ethics website
  3. The History of Christianity: 99 Essential Resources


Noteworthy Sites

  1. Christianity - from Hans Kung's Global Ethics website
  2. Study Theology Even if You Don't Believe in God (here). This is a good article which describes the value of studying theology as part of the liberal arts



  1. Theology Library from Spring Hill College's Dept. of Theology
  2. Boston Collaborative Encyclopedia of Theology